About Us ..  

Established Shababe3lamy in January 2001 on the initiative of a group of Egyptian students in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia .. To aim at the outset to the development of student activities and development of school during what is known as the Group service (student service centers).

In March 2006 she moved shababe3lamy to the work of Arab Republic of Egypt through a series of service projects and programs aimed at development and community development .. And centered on the activation of these projects the spirit of community participation in service programs and community development.

During this period I worked Youth media in many areas and incorporated into service programs and community development .. Even included recently in the media with the beginning of April 2009 in an effort to create templates of successful media seek to achieve and activate development plans in our communities.

shababe3lamy has continued to expand and have increased their activities to work in the field of propaganda and advertising (via a wasseela of propaganda and advertising) in order to improve design in print and non print from traditional style to a whole new style is characterized by development and innovation and more professional.

And thus increasing the number belonging to them has increased noticeably in the past few years .. To reach more than 3 thousand people around the world ranging interests and age groups.


Shababe3lamy to seek the permanent development and ongoing programs and service projects, thereby increasing the active participation in community-building. It also seeks to lead and pioneer in the field of community service and the media.

Languages applicable:
Arabic (basic).
English (entered into force on January 1, 2011).
Key points:
-Shababe3lamy-based hierarchical management and board of directors are chosen by election.

-Financing shababe3lamy funding (self-) through its members.
-Shababe3lamy working in all areas and are designed to serve the community and the media.
-Take shababe3lamy Arab Republic of Egypt is headquartered.
-Tracking shababe3lamy in its regulations and laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
-Does not belong shababe3lamy any political party or movement or religious.
-Take shababe3lamy interface auction website with a media-sponsored.
-To participate in shababe3lamy available to all.

Shababe3lamy welcomes any suggestions or criticisms contribute to the development and support its objectives to serve the community and the media ..