Executive Committees :  
  Academic Committee ..


Commission is working to activate the role of academic support and development and the development of individual and collective competencies of individuals within local communities through a variety of academic studies.

  Committee for Documentation and media ..

Commission is working on activating the role of the working groups of media in the service of local communities and the production and documented many of the products of media (radio - television - Press - Media Internet) ..

  Committee Marketing and Public Relations ..

Commission is working to change the style object to our service from being voluntary in nature, non-profit .. To the activities of volunteer service-profit organization working to motivate young people to join it through a sophisticated marketing system designed for integration between profit and volunteer for community service ..

  Committee service activities and entertainment ..

The Committee shall submit a number of service activities and recreational events and cultural programs and sports tournaments and art competitions in addition to a number of recreational activities from trips and recreational programs ..

  Training Committee and Human Development ..

The Committee shall prepare for a range of courses and workshops in all areas and in cooperation with institutions and associations specialized in those areas ..

  Projects Committee ..
  Commission is working on the establishment of several development projects in the service, which aims primarily to serve individuals and communities through a combination of profit and volunteer projects and take advantage of human energy to accomplish these projects ..


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